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As an aside, I’m *extremely* unhappy that amazon decided to wait like three business days after placing my order to actually ship it. And its not going to be here until September 3.

I understand I can’t exactly expect the *best* service when it comes to free shipping, but come on. At least get it shipped out fairly quickly. I ordered some Hikari Fancy Guppy, Hikari First Bites, Repashy Community, plus some more goldfish food… I really want the Hikari foods for the endlers ASAP, I’ve got some generic flake food for them as a stopgap but I know its not going to be as good as the hikari food, and the fish are so tiny that having appropriately-sized food would be nice. But noooooo Amazon had to go and be slow as hell.

Ahhh, I came home and one of the girls was dead. Really, I’m resigned to it, I didn’t expect all the fish to survive the trip (2 day fast + 2 days in shipping is stressful!) and there were a couple girls looking a little stressed before I left for work today.

Other than that though the endlers seem pretty good - one other girl is showing some signs up ich, but thankfully these guys can handle the heat so a week and change at higher temps should clear that right up. Plus water changes - which were going to happen *anyway* because the tank isn’t 100% cycled yet (much to my chagrin, I thought it was, but DAT NEW TANK SYNDROME) and I don’t want the nitrites to stress them.



Today, I, a grown ass adult (I’m a damn old lady by tumblr standards,) wants nothing more to squee excitedly over her new fish.

Yup. I’m an adult.

welcome to old tumblr fish ladydom

squee all you want you are amongst friends!!!

I’ve kind of been firmly ensconced here for a while. But the new fish tank and the relief at the little guys being okay is kind of exacerbating things.

I have this nicely scaped tank with driftwood and plants and places to hide and explore…

And the endlers are all hanging out in the clear space on the side of the tank near the filter. Its kind of hilarious - I wonder if they like the current?

I’ll get some better video of them in tank after I’m back from picking the dog up from the vet. These guys are so little, I get the feeling its going to be hard getting clear pictures of them, even with a DSLR.

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