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New theory on why the new girl is clamped & stress striped is that she hasn’t been eating - I fed her earlier and she kept spitting out pellets. I may have to unthaw some bloodworms and feed her that, if that doesn’t work, I’m going to ask the store what they feed their betta ><

How long have you had her? When I first got Loki (malebetta) he took a few days to start eating. He did the exact same thing. I ended up having to snip them in half with a pair of clean nail clippers so they were smaller. After a day or two he got used to them and started eating them normal sized. Not a problem since!

Sorry that was long, but she might just be getting used to you!

Lets see, I got her Friday. It hasn’t been that long, but its just so strange that she’s showing stress signs, because she’s zipping around the tank active as can be, temp is good, water params are good (just did a water change yesterday,) and she hasn’t been like… freaking out, just… clamped. And stress-stripey.

I want to say the store feeds their fish on live/frozen diets though, so she may not be used to pellets either ><. Augh. I don’t know. I may try trimming them in half

I can’t even believe it, but I think adding that powerhead to the 60g, even with it pointed at the backwall to baffle it like it is, is helping with my algae problems A LOT. My crypts are almost completely clear of algae, and my anubias are looking much better than they did.

And nerites eat fuzz algae, you can see little tracks through it where they’ve gone through, so hopefully they’ll end up cleaning that up more.

Between that and flourish/excel dosing, I think I might actually be getting this under control…

On another note, I picked up some crypts at the LFS - they’re going to go into the 47 gallon once I get it set up, but they’re going to chill in my 20 until then. I’m wondering if it’d be better to just leave them potted until then, or if I should unpot them and stick them in the sand so they don’t get more pot-bound then they already are….

Tank cycling question:


I am so confused!  Today is my 4th day of cycling. On the second day, I added a bit of ammonia because I was below 4pp, but I thought that was because I hadn’t added enough the first day. Not because my ammonia levels were dropping…

And now today, I have 4pp ammonia and .50 nitrite? Should my tank be showing signs of nitrite this early in the cycle?

I didn’t seed or anything…?

Cycling is pretty inexact. Sometimes it takes a while, sometimes, well, it doesn’t.

I’d just consider yourself lucky!


Here’s a video of my 40 gallon you guys asked for c:

You could hear my breathing so I switched it out for

Oskar Schuster - Sneeuwland

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